Sweet Potato Wraps

In looking over my blog today, I’m surprised to see how many of my current posts are some kind of bread or sweets. I decided that now, as I have finally gotten a double digit number of posts actually photographed, written, and up for the world to see, I would take a little inventory of what I have done so far. Imagine my minimal grain eating, sugar eschewing surprise when I found 7 out of my first 12 posts were either largely made up of sugar or white flour. We’re clearly due for some vegetables around here.

sweet potato wrap dough

Before I start making an effort to get this ship back on course, I really want to share this wrap recipe. It is really the perfect one to bridge the gap between baking and vegetables, as it’s an even, 50/50 split of flour and mashed sweet potato. Yes, this recipe is that simple, though you might want to toss a pinch of salt in to taste. It’s also really good. The sweet potato adds enough moisture and fiber to pull together the flour into a moist, but flexible wrap. It’s great for a meal on the go. You can also cut it into quarters, bake them in the oven until they dry, and have great chips for hummus or other dips.

Sweet Potato Wrap

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 12 wraps


  • 3 cups mashed sweet potato (bake until soft, then remove skins and mash)
  • 3 cups whole wheat flour (plus some for dusting work space)


  1. Combine mashed sweet potato and flour in mixing bowl. Stir with wooden spoon to form a mealy dough.

  2. Roll dough out onto lightly floured surface. Knead until dough forms a smooth ball.

  3. Cut dough ball into quarters. Roll each piece into a cylinder and cut into thirds to make 12 small dough balls. 

  4. Heat a frying pan on medium heat. Do not grease pan.

  5. Roll out one dough ball at a time, then immediately lay into pan to cook. If dough gets sticky on begins to stick to rolling pin, lightly dust with more flour.

  6. Cook for roughly 30 seconds on each side, until lightly browned. These cook quick, so keep an eye on them!

  7. When browned lightly on both sides, remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature before using. This will improve their flexibility. 

  8. Wrap around your favorite sandwich fillings and enjoy!

sweet potato wraps

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