Hello! My name is Jen. I work in healthcare by day, am a mom to three amazing kids, and have a serious passion for cooking. I grew up in a family of cooks in a semi-rural area of north Georgia. We went to the garden or the chicken coop for groceries nearly as often as we went to the store. Through that experience I learned to make most of what went on the dinner table from scratch. No boxes or bags of ready made anything. Many people seem to be very intimidated by this approach to cooking. I want to help demystify the process.

I try to cook primarily using produce that’s in season locally (which is the southern United States for me). Due to this, you will find many paleo, vegetarian, and even some vegan options. I find fresh, whole food ingredients typically result in fairly healthy meals, even when you’re not actively trying to make it so. There’s also the occasional treat on my family’s table, so don’t be shocked when there’s a little pie and ice cream wedged between a salad and some roasted veggies.